Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

2012 was quite a big one for me and TLOML. The small matters of a move from New York to London, getting married, getting pregnant, and - perhaps most life-changing of all - reuniting with my obese cat.

You might think in 2013 we'd plan for a little more stability. But no. We embrace change, the one constant in our life together so far.

Our plans for the year ahead include having this baby - well, yes, that's inevitable given my current physical state. And we think we'll move to Saltburn for a few months while I'm on maternity leave. Then back to London for my return to work. Unless I move jobs and we stay Up North. Or we decide to call time on the experiment of TLOML running his California-based business from the UK (so far it's not exactly easy) and need to move back to the US.

The uncertainty about where we'll be living 6 or 12 months from now is nothing new - it has been ever so since I first moved out to LA in 2009. I have real estate alerts running on Saltburn, London, Malibu and Manhattan Beach simultaneously. Considering my love of a highly predictable routine, I am a lot less disturbed by this than you might think. I figure wherever we end up, we'll have a lovely time together.

So yes, just a couple of house moves and a baby. No biggies.

Whatever 2013 brings you, I hope it comes with bags of laughter and happiness.

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