Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hopes and wishes

I'm hearing lots of lovely hopes and wishes for me, TLOML and our firstborn at the moment.

Everyone is wishing a quiet final week at work for me. Friends who've done this before are hoping I get a good few days, after work and before I go into labour, to relax, nap and watch rubbish films. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a straightforward labour and birth.  And of course we all hope she'll be healthy from birth - and grow up to be wealthy and wise as well.

All these things are largely out of our control (though I'll do my best to avoid working too hard) But there's another hope someone has for us - and it's entirely in my power to grant it. It's from G, my goddaughter's little sister, the daughter of my fabulous, e-entreneurial friend - and she wrote it in a card for us.

I like the wish, and the card, so much I've pinned it up in the kitchen, right next to my birth affirmations.

'I hope you call your baby Hip'

The only thing is, I'm not sure I'm going to make it come true. 'Hip' did not make our shortlist of baby names.  How to break it to little G, I just don't know.

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