Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transatlantic Adjustments

It's not just TLOML who has some adjusting to do. I had become very used to US style fridges - massive ones, that is. Ice-machines in the freezer. And good sized dishwashers.

Still, we are nothing if not adaptable.

The dishwasher is a little small:
Note the icebucket on top, for scale
But that's okay, we just create a mountain of supplementary washing up. It's a bit like not having a dishwasher, only with about half as many dishes to wash.
Just a couple of bits that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher last night

And the fridge is miniscule. So, much to TLOML's horror, if it gets really full we just keep the eggs at room temperature.
That's right, eggs at room temperature and butter too. Disgusting Europeans.

Our freezer is without an automated ice machine. So we have created a manual one. We have a system of a large bowl that's always full of ice, and every few days top it up with fresh ice.
We are never short of ice, despite the lack of facilities.

We miss our American kitchen conveniences. But life here is no hardship - it just requires a tiny bit more effort.


  1. do they actually have real butter over there to keep at room temperature? you're right about the eggs though i got shouted at by an environmental health nazi about keeping eggs out of the fridge so kept them in there to shut the twat up. best poaching result is room temp duck eggs with 2mins 10secs in tin lined cuprinox saute with sea salt and white wine vinegar - that one's for free luv.

    1. They do... Shipped over from Europe and sold to silly expats like me in the overpriced gourmet cheese aisle. Thanks for the eggs tip, puts my big standard boiling salted water effort to shame.