Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bodily changes

Transatlantic moves can be held responsible for a fair amount of bodily changes. I gained more than a handful of pounds when I swapped my London, cornflakes-for-dinner, bike-riding, gardening, walking-to-the-shops lifestyle for life in a city where you drive everywhere, and the Mexican food is good and plentiful.

TLOML says he always loses weight in London, even if he's just here for a couple of weeks. He puts it down to a combination of walking a little bit more, and smaller portions. I was hoping the move home would have the same magical effect on me. Maybe it was starting to work, but then I got pregnant, so now I'm just expanding all over.

So.. that's us.

Jack has moved within a one mile radius, from one garden flat to another. So what's his excuse for becoming so enormous he can barely squeeze through the catflap?
Honestly, it is a normal size catflap. He just makes it look like it was built for a mouse.

Still, at least he's becoming a more and more stable ipad rest.

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