Friday, October 26, 2012

Meat Week

This weekend TLOML is away at a swimming jamboree, racing against lots of other maturing-yet-impressive swimmers.

In order to prepare, he had to stock up on protein. So on Monday we had roast chicken for dinner. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had spaghetti bolognese with meatballs. And on Thursday we had roast beef. Lunch every day, for TLOML at least, has been lunch meats. Obviously.
Beef & bacon

Beef & blood

Notice how the pregnancy food safety rules about rate meat are thankfully abandoned as pre-race pressure mounts
I called it Meat Week. We ate about twice as much meat as in a normal week. Which is about as much  meat as I used to eat in a month when I lived on my own in London, and thought a bowl of cornflakes or a tomato salad made a perfectly acceptable dinner. I know, I'm lucky he married /saved me. For what it's worth I eat a lot more fish now too. And icecream. Just fewer tomatoes. My doctor told me this week my cholesterol is a little high. I tried to look surprised.

He's gone now, to Sheffield, in pursuit of medals. (As I write this, one medal is already in the bag, and I picture him munching on the cold beef leftovers poolside, in readiness for the next race).

And I am home alone, eating tomatoes all weekend long. I'm calling it Tomato Weekend.

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