Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Isadora the Oracle of Fashion

I'm feeling very proud of myself today. First of all because I am officially a fully fledged writer, as I am writing blogs for the excellent Babes with Babies. As opposed to rambling on for my own enjoyment, I am now doing for the edification of others. Lucky them.

Secondly because I took my own advice. I wrote this piece on print a week or two ago and had sort of forgotten about it. I mean, I meant it at the time, and spent a bit of time redigesting A/W 2012 catwalk reports and thinking through what they meant for pregnant ladies. Then I just forgot all about it.

Today the post was published, and on re-reading it I looked down at my outfit in delight. I am totally wearing multiple prints! I didn't even do it on purpose in a 'following the trend' way (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not how I roll when I'm working from home). I just thought it looked cute.
This is how I stand when I'm trying to make it clear this is a bump not a beer belly
Which means I am very on trend. According to myself, anyway. And/ or, I am an excellent predictor of trends.

Hurrah for small, shallow victories.

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