Sunday, September 2, 2012

When American sandwich fillings and English sandwich bread collide

TLOML made himself a chicken sandwich the other day. He found the left over chicken breast from the previous night's roast, and some parma ham that needed eating.

Then he sought out the bread. Warburtons seeded batch, to be precise. It was then that it became clear: this English bread was just too small for this American man's chicken and ham sandwich.
As you can see, my resourceful husband rolled with the punches: he just used two slices of bread for the bottom of the sandwich, and two for the top.

Five minutes under the grill, and some careful cutting later, and he had what I would describe as 'two chicken sandwiches'. TLOML pointed out that if the bread was of a decent size, it would just be the one sandwich. He is probably right. Must look for bigger bread in future.

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