Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hollywood beckons

When I moved to LA in 2009, to be with The Love of My Life, I left my fat cat, Jack, at home. It didn't seem worth the hassle of moving him for what was intended to be a 6-12 month spell. So my friend the Activist kindly took him in and provided a good home and plenty of love, in my absence.

I remember saying at the time 'If I was going for a couple of years I might feel differently'. Little did I know I'd be there for 2 years and 3 months.

More to the point, little did I know how much Jack would have got out of life in LA, the throbbing heart of the film industry. It turns out my Jack has star quality.

A friend of a friend is shooting a short film which calls for a black cat. I submitted Jack's headshot, and somewhat grudgingly a full body shot too. I was hoping, you see, to gloss over his girth.
Star quality
Anyway it turns out the director didn't mind that Jack is a fatty, as he has such a good face. Also I think he hoped it might mean Jack wasn't skittish. I mean, he does move pretty slowly most of the time.

Shooting took place yesterday. Jack was a little shy at first, forcing the location to be changed to 'under the bed'. But after a while he got into the role, and they got some great sequences of him looking especially, magnificently, black catlike.

A brooding presence
I will keep you apprised of the film's progress, and of course, Jack's trajectory to stardom. If he needs us to relocate to back LA, we will make it happen, in the name of his career.

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