Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Names

We're considering 'King' or maybe just 'Sir' for our firstborn. Both work well on either side of the Atlantic, which is crucial.
We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, or just a fuzzy blur. But we think 'King' will suit our baby just fine.
We are certainly not the craziest people out there. Surfing mindlessly on my babybump app I came across a thread started by a lady who was considering the names 'Hunntor', and 'Izabeille'. (Yes, it is an American app.)

In summary, the thread goes like this:
Dozens of people: "That's terrible. You should spell those names properly, as in Hunter and Isabel." "Why?" "Oh my." "Are you kidding?" etc
Crazy lady: "This way they'll be really unique and memorable."
Dozens of people: "No-one will remember them because they are impossible to remember, since they are spelt wrong." "'eille' does not make the same sound as 'elle'" etc
Some people: "I love those spellings! Makes them different and really special."
Crazy lady: "The 'i' is silent, that's what makes it unique."
Dozens of people: "You can't just say 'the 'i' is silent'. The English language doesn't work that why. Why not spell it Izagbelle and say 'the 'g' is silent'. It's the same difference."
Some people: "They're your kids, you choose how you name them."

Exactly. And that's just what we'll say if anyone quibbles with our choice of King or Sir. At least the spelling is straightforward.

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