Monday, September 24, 2012

America's Greater Grater

It was just a regular Sunday night at Fox Corner. We were chowing down on some spicy seafood pasta, and talking about how delicious it was.
Then we got to talking about how long the parmesan had been in the fridge, and how pasta didn't need the cheese but we were enjoying having it anyway.

Yes, I guess we have run out of things to talk about. And we've only been married 2 months.

Anyway, before long we were chatting about how much we like our new wedding list cheese grater. It has such a nice smooth action we grate more cheese than we need, just for the pleasure of grating.

'Why is it so good?' said TLOML.

And I, reluctantly, pointed out the legend...
 ...made in the USA.

Maybe I had laid on the argument for Dualit toasters too thick. I insisted it was the only way to go, and the reason they are four times as expensive as other toasters is that they are made in England.

Along comes an inexpensive grater and proves - to TLOML - USA's manufacturing might. He leapt up and punched the air in delight.

As I say, just a regular Sunday night in Fox Corner.


  1. Very good.

    You wait until he hears his little child speak of "football" and "tomahto." You will have the last laugh.

  2. the real debate here is the grating of parmesan on seafood/fish pasta, rather than the provenance of the grater. in italy it is akin to putting ketchup on lobster. i only found this out when a table of crab linguines were sent back in anger by "tuscan raiders" because we had finished the sauce with some parmesan.

  3. I'm addicted to Microplane graters...Canadian apparently...

    1. I'm pretty sure they'd be festooned with maple leaves, like everything else Canadian, if they were. Nope, the writing's on the grater Aliceson. You should b proud to be an American!

  4. USA! USA! USA!
    ...and just to be clear, I am against putting cheese on my seafood linguine (unless there's Velveeta of course).

  5. It's like butter on cheese on toast. Unnecessary and yet... too tempting.