Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving home

I'm home. Back in my old 'hood, staying at a much-loved friend's much-loved flat in the heart of dear old Kentish Town.

Actually, since home is where the heart is, technically I am not really home. My heart remains in New York. TLOML is still there, sorting out his visa.

We may have been a little overconfident when we made our initial visa application. We were so sure of the outcome that we didn't investigate the process particularly closely. So when the application form stated 'You will be required to provide evidence of your relationship history and plans to marry', we just blithely assumed that we would be asked for that evidence further down the line. A week later the application came back, rejected, because we had not provided any evidence. Very frustrating, and a very expensive mistake.

We won't make the same omission second time around. In a frenzied day, between considering a Vegas wedding, running over the precise meaning of the phrase 'you will be...' time and time again, and of course doing all our leaving NY errands, we managed to amass over 140 pages of evidence of our relationship. TLOML organised and indexed it with lawyerly precision.

It's a watertight application, now we know what we're actually doing. Still, while it's in process, TLOML has to stay in New York.
The new visa application. Solid.

Meanwhile I had to return to London, and start work. I felt strangely bereft when I left Manhattan yesterday. I wasn't sure if it was sadness at waving goodbye to homeless, visa-less TLOML, or a poignant moment as the US chapter of my life has closed. Whatever it was, leaving New York on my one way flight was not the purely positive experience one might expect, given how long I've looked forward to moving home. Yes, I definitely felt a bit wobbly.

And then... and then I landed. I haven't been here since last summer, which is the longest I've ever been away.  (Shamefully, I returned to London 4 times in my first 3 months of living in LA.). London is just wonderful. Maybe it's the pre-Olympic clean up operation. Maybe it was the early morning sunshine, before the inevitable grey skies gathered. Maybe it's just wish fulfilment. But I have never seen London look so lovely, all at once friendly, elegant, and welcoming.

Now all I need is TLOML.


  1. Here's hoping the visa process runs smoothely and swiftly..and welcome back

  2. Thank you Mrs McQ, I think we will get there... eventually. Very nice to be home I must say!