Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A far cry from Rabbit Hutch Towers

In our own personal tribute to the way Whitney lived her life, TLOML and I have moved into a crack house.
Original architectural features

Who needs furniture?

Until about a year ago, this place was occupied by an elderly lady who last decorated during the Thatcher era. Since then it has remained empty, a rambling and fusty palace for dust and spiders to gather. It isn't actually a crack house, to be clear. But you can see how if the wrong squatters moved in, it could work as one.

In about a year's time it will be a gorgeous, spacious, high-spec, family home. We are lucky enough to know the outstanding family who will be moving in: a brilliant couple and three particularly bright and entertaining daughters (the youngest is only 9 months but already displays her older sisters' fine sense of humour).

But until the builders move in, rip everything out and make it all shiny and new, it's our little crack house. We have our home comforts: a day bed, a kettle and a couple of mugs, and the windowsill for a fridge. Since the photo above was taken we've fashioned a stand-in wardrobe from the hooks on the walls. We have about 5 times the floor space of the Rabbit Hutch - even if you discount the creepy lower ground floor with spooky abandoned dolls and a hissing, crackling light fitting - although admittedly there is no doorman. We're moments from Parliament Hill Fields, and spitting distance from a pub with free wifi and a decent curry house.

If our generous hosts, the Outstanding Family, aren't careful we could get quite comfortable...


  1. We're actually listing you as "24-7 security" for tax purposes. It's win-win.

    "Outstanding Family" member (adult)

  2. Good idea, Outstanding Family member (adult). We are the security firm real security firms are scared of.

  3. good to know you are the 'right' kind of squatters.

  4. Yes but what if she refuses to leave?

    Gorgeous looking house, by the way.

  5. Yup - we are looking into squatters rights. Considering starting an 'Occupy Dartmouth Park' to give us a bit of crowd power. Will keep you posted...