Thursday, March 3, 2016

In search of snow

Last year we went to Idyllwild on a doomed hunt for winter. This year I satisfied my craving for chilly weather with that flying visit to London.

But meanwhile, Lady P is in danger of thinking a light breeze and 15c makes for a cold winter's day. And she's never really seen snow. Which is a shame as it looms quite large in her imagination, what with the number of books she has involving polar bears, snowmen and just actual snow.

This time we decided to head to Big Bear, our nearest ski mountain. This being LA's ski resort, they have no qualms about manufacturing snow if none falls, so we knew we wouldn't be disappointed.  Even if it's just fake stuff on a groomed ski slope. And as all good Californians need to be comfortable hurtling down a mountain, it's probably about time that Lady P gets to know what goes on in a ski resort anyway.

We arrived after dark last night. First thing this morning Lady P and I went out in PJs to find some snow.
'Look! I see some! Over there!'
This was the best I could do near the cabin, and she was thrilled at first. But once we got up close and she realised it was just dirty icy slush, she was a bit disappointed. I promised her we'd go and find some fluffy, possibly manufactured, snow. And so we did.

Here she is sitting with a hot chocolate watching people descend on last night's newly pumped snow.
All about the apres ski (technically this is avant ski but the concept is very similar)
It aint exactly the Alps, but it's a good start. After that we crunched along the bottom of the slope which delighted Lady P. Then we had a long and confusing conversation about various expensive options to get Lady P out on some skis. Which is par for the course for any would-be beginner I think.

She has yet to actually get truly in amongst the snow but we've certainly laid some good groundwork.

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