Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A low key home spun English Easter

Last Easter we had my sister and her family staying with us. Along with their time at Disneyland, in Hollywood and Santa Monica pier, it seemed fitting to give them a 'go big or go home' Easter. So we went to that massive bunfight of an Easter Egg hunt in Valley Park. I found it all a bit much.

So this year we dialled it way down.  Our Easter was so low key and home spun as to be positively English. First we made hot cross buns (for lack of being able to find them on sale here), which takes hours and for somewhat limited reward since they still weren't as nice as Sainsburys. Ah well, it was still an enriching and educational experience for Lady P.

Then on Easter Day we went to the local Episcopalian church, and came home for an egg hunt on our deck.

First of all as you can see, our deck is a pretty easy terrain for hunting.
And the prey was no great shakes either: about two dozen eggs, each filled with one or two sweets - marshmallow bunnies and little chocolate eggs. Almost mean, I know. But it was enough.

By the way, I bought the smallest pack of Robin's Eggs and marshmallow bunnies I could find, and used less than a quarter of the bag. I guess some people have more families to feed. But please tell me no-one is giving an entire pack of eggs out to a single child? The fools! We kept Lady P happy for an entire week munching her way through those eggs.

Long may these easily-pleased years last.

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