Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Party Post Mortem

The preparation wasn’t so bad, after all. I had spent some time on a conference call packing party favour bags, which was actually quite fun. And I  rather enjoyed a quiet night in making fairy cakes and meatballs. TLOML picked up some booze and 50 red balloons, and we strung up a few paper chains. Boom, just like that, ready to party.


The party itself was pretty fun too. Kids played, adults drank and chatted, it was all suitably relaxed and fun and we felt vindicated in our decision to opt out of the big hired venue party. ‘This is easy,’ I thought, ‘Who needs to outsource?’

Then there was the moment I realized there was kinetic sand all over every surface in the house (what kind of idiot rookie mum allows her 3 year old to open a toy like that at her party in her own goddamn home – with 7 toddler partners in crime ready to help spread it out?!).
A low point. My mistake.
Just for a second or two I thought ‘So that’s why people outsource’. I briefly considered the beach, or a park, for next year’s party. But February is a tricky time of year for that, due to the 10% chance of rain. Yes. I know, that’s about the same as London in June, and you'd still throw a party under a cloudy sky, but here a grey day would be considered disastrous.

Anyway, the clean up operation didn’t take long at all, and afterwards TLOML and I congratulated ourselves on a successful party. We’ll do it again next year, we decided. The same thing – a handful of kids, a little home cooking, some balloons and a lot of toys. What could be better?

And then… Lady P passed judgement.  ‘Did you like your party? Wasn’t it fun?’ I asked. ‘No.’ she said. ‘There were too many people. I like playing on my own’.

Well, I guess that’s next year’s birthday party planned already then. She can play on her own while TLOML and I sip champagne in her honour. Even easier!

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