Monday, March 30, 2015

About that house

The problem with looking at real estate in the South Bay is that after a little while, you start to think a $3.75m 5 bed/4.5 bath Cape Cod style home is normal...
 ...when in fact, this is what a starter home looks like in Hermosa Beach.
 And while I might have enjoyed looking at listings for homes that are 'like a European Castle'...

..or which 'leave nothing to the imagination' (what does that even mean?), reality bites. For our budget, and to be West of Pacific Coast  Highway, we were looking at ads for homes that specified features like 'overhead lighting'. No, really: they were that short of features.

In the end we got really lucky. Our house has a tenant in, and the owner was eager to sell before the end of the tenancy - not a problem for us, since we're renting. So we think we got a pretty good deal: it's West of PCH, walkable to the beach, plenty of living space, and just a peek of an ocean view from the deck. Oh, and overhead lighting! We won't move in till the summer, at which point I will post endlessly about the house. Till then, we're enjoying our last few months in the Sugar Cube, which will be hard to leave.

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