Friday, April 3, 2015

We bought a house today

We really did. We actually did it! After months of looking, and weeks of painful paperwork, we just signed our lives away to an enormous mortgage. Here's to us! Here's to homeownership! Here's to the support of TLOML's generous mother, who made it possible. And here's to buying somewhere we can live in for a long long time.

We won't move till the summer when the tenants move out. Till then I will be mainly researching window treatments and cunningly low cost ways to refinish hardwood floors. Once we've done that, I will have some pictures I am proud to share.

In the meantime, for the curious, here is a shot of the  house.

Its a classic of its kind: the streets around here are full of these houses with the garage upfront and a deck on top. They do lack a little charm from the outside, but they usually result in a great floorplan, as the living space is all upstairs with plenty of light - and for us it means we have an ocean view from our living and dining space. As well as the ocean view we have two palm trees, a kitchen to get excited about (one of those cool pantry cupboards with the pull out larder shelves, and a massive range with warming lamps and allsorts), and plenty of room for guests and all Lady P's plastic rubbish.

And more to the point - and this is the main point - it is ours! All ours! And we can stay there as along as we want. Big happy sighs all round for finally putting down some roots, and West of PCH too.


  1. The procedures in owning your own house can be quite stressful. But at the end of it all, nothing beats the happiness of finally being able to move in your new home. Anyway, the house seems to be in good condition, and the surroundings seem very nice. Thanks for sharing this with us, Isadora. All the best!

    Lois Becker @ Finlay Brewer Limited

  2. Congratulations on buying a house! Buying a house is such a great accomplishment. Looks like you will plenty of room for your family and vehicles. You will find that the upper deck is such a great feature as an added living space for family. Looking forward to pictures of how you choose to decorate your new house.