Friday, March 6, 2015

Rainy Season

Rainy season has been a bit rubbish this year. Not enough water for the farmers, and not nearly enough for Lady P either.

Umbrellas and rainboots are such a common feature in her books and so rare in every day life she finds them absolutely fascinating. She was given an umbrella for her birthday and we had to switch the sprinkler on so she could use it (I know, not very water sensitive of us - but it was only for a few minutes, I promise). She loved it.

Happily a couple of days later we had some rain. Lady P was delighted by the pitter patter on her brolly and puddles to splash in too.

Do children who live in rainier places (ahem, England) get the same thrill out of a puddle? Maybe so. But would they be as delighted by our constant sunshine? I don't think so.

My nieces, about to visit from Cumbria, will enjoy the weather I'm sure. But I don't think it'll have anything like the impact the reverse trip – a few days of rain, or snow, in the Lake District – would have on Lady P. Now my nieces are older than Lady P, so it's not a fair comparison, but still I think for any child the fun of the seasons is all about kicking fallen leaves, snow angels, and splashing in puddles. Even if you're British and you get a decent amount of puddle splashing and leaf kicking.

Sunshine, by contrast, is something grown ups take pleasure in. No faffing around with hats and scarves, the ease of leaving toys outside almost all year round, the ability to plan a picnic or playdate in the park without ever checking the weather. I don't know any children who care about any of those practical considerations. And I don't really know any children who complain when it's not sunny. Those nieces would be happy to run around on the beach in all weathers.

So there you go. Beautiful sunny weather - like so many other things (quiet time, personal space), wasted on the young. 

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