Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX: Highlights

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! It's a huge deal here. Everyone gets together to watch the game, even if they don't care about football. Not to watch the Super Bowl is to declare yourself Anti-American, and to open yourself up to social exclusion. And even if you're not into football, the ads and the half-time show and the overall spectacle make it a fun event.

TLOML follows the NFL season pretty closely, despite being a Redskins fan. And Lady P likes to watch and shout excitedly 'running running! man fall down!'. Personally, I can take it or leave it. But I do enjoy big budget ads and all that half-time razzamatazz. Our good friends in Manhattan Beach are equipped with several large TVs , with plenty of places to sit and eat their wonderful food, and watch the game, so we headed over to their Super Bowl party.

For those of you who missed the game, here are some of the highlights of the action from Super Bowl XLIX.

Pre-amble: some patriotic, soulful singing. Which prompted the thought that I'd love to hear someone try to sing God Save The Queen in the manner of a pre-NFL singer, warbles included.

First Quarter:  Lady P's attention was briefly held. But no one scored so she moved on.

Second Quarter: Some exciting play and a tied game at 14-14. Lady P discovered the beanbag game outside which it turns out has the perfect sized ramp for running down shouting 'wheeee!'.
Half-Time: Katy Perry rode a big lion (tiger?) and Lady P moved on to Bocce.
Third Quarter: Seahawks take the lead 24-14. Lady P checked out the action for a moment...

...but soon moved on, down to the garage to play 'pulling' (her description) and surfing.
 (And yes, this is what garages look like in the South Bay. Since there is no real weather from which to shield your car, most garages are converted into dens, playrooms or offices).

Fourth Quarter: the Patriots came back from the brink to seal victory 28-24. Lady P watched about 30 seconds of the game with intense focus.

 Then decided in favour of a story and some milk.
There you have it. TLOML tells me it was a gripping game. I will have to take his word for that, but Lady P and I had a pretty good time anyway.

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