Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Lady P

Lady P turns two today! And what a perfect, fun, sweet, smart, silly two year old she is.

To honour this landmark birthday I have baked a cake and decorated it with sprinkles in the shape of a number two.
We - and family and friends - have showered her with gifts. We spent a lot of time choosing the perfect toy guitar but I suspect her favourite gift will prove to be the umbrella her grandmama brought. She can wear a badge saying '2 Today!' all day long, to get the necessary birthday attention. And later, we'll go out for a happy hour drink and some oysters (mashed potato on the side for Lady P) to celebrate keeping her alive for two long years.

What's that? When's the party? The cake and the happy hour are the party, I'm afraid, and that's your lot.

I do feel a pang of parental guilt if I think about it for too long. I know lots of parents throw parties for their one and two year olds. But we figured we'd put it off for another year. When she's three, she may demand a particular kind of cake, and appreciate a few games, or at least a couple of other toddlers to run around with. Right now, if we tell her a birthday cake at 10am constitutes a party, she knows no better.

Don't judge us. From next year onwards. it's petting zoos, magicians and inflatables all the way. Or at least, we might invite a couple of people to join us for happy hour.

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