Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's, dear readers. What do you mean, I'm early? Valentine's is apparently much more than just one day.

In the UK Valentine's Day is grudgingly marked by couples who know it to be a marketing event established by greeting card manufacturers. It'd be churlish not to send a card, and the less cynical may go out for a romantic dinner or even exchange gifts. Teenagers no doubt agonise over who to send a card to, and giggle over the ones they received. But among anyone over the age of 30 it's surely known for the bobbins it is.

I'm sure for many people across the US there is the same level of cynicism. But here in the sunny South Bay there are those who would have this day marked as a holiday: the kind where you wish someone a 'Happy X', like Thanksgiving, Christmas or the Fourth of July. The kind of holiday which children's activities are themed around. Witness this email from Lady P's music class:
Just a reminder we're going to be celebrating
Valentine's Day all week!
If you want to dress in red, or pink, or hearts feel free :)
Also, have your child bring their favorite lovey....we're going to be "Dancing With Teddy"!
And the kind of holiday in honour of which you decorate your home. I've seen some heart shaped lights, a couple of flags, and also these fabulous Strand homes. I never see anyone in these houses but every so often the cushions change: for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and now... Valentine's.

TLOML and I will mark the day with an exchange of sarcastic cards. But since Lady P is being exposed to this cheese fest anyway, I couldn't resist having her make a Valentine's Card for the man in her life.

Oh god, have I succumbed? Is this the beginning of the end of my British reserve and cynicism? Save me! I'll be hanging up leprechaun bunting for St Patrick's Day before you know it!

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