Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Too busy to blog about it

Wow. I've managed to post at least once a week through several complicated house moves. Through the birth and early weeks of Lady P. And through the return to work and the beginning of that juggling thing we do when we work with small children and still want to have a life that includes cooking proper dinners and taking the odd run. I always kept posting.

But this trip has defeated me. For the first time ever I have been too busy to blog.

There are two good reasons for my lack of words:

1. Despite being away for a month, I'm actually still at work
Only without childcare, and in a different timezone, and with no data roaming on my work phone. Which makes me a bit busy and quite stressed. I didn't want to fritter all my holiday allowance away so agreed with my boss I'd work most of the time I'm here. I thought it would be easy. It is not.

After a few fractious days, TLOML and I sorted out a schedule of sorts. We both get short windows of time each to sit and properly work. For the rest of the time it's conference calls from the playground, and hurried emails between putting Lady P to bed and having dinner with TLOML.

2. There is way too much fun to be had here
So this is the other reason and it's a better one, I think. There are cousins to play with. Granny to chat to and toddle about with. An aunt who knows all the good songs and games. Auntie Kath & Uncle Al's garden to explore. Ducks and sheep and horses in fields to gaze at. Cliff lifts and slides and see saws too. There's a lot here that six short months ago was a bit beyond Lady P and is now completely enthralling. We have enough help around us that we could just palm her off on her favourite auntie, or my mum, and get on with our work. But I'd really rather be there for the fun stuff.
I don't want to miss this

Something had to give and I'm afraid it was the blog. Rest assured, I've got my priorities straight.

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