Friday, July 11, 2014

A belated happy fourth

As I said, I've been too busy to blog. But we did find time to mark the Fourth of July - and I'd like to wish my American readers a Happy Fourth too. We had a G&T and a burger on our balcony overlooking the north sea, and felt very far from the US of A.

Back in Hermosa I believe the town was going wild. Apparently July Fourth is one big party. As we were leaving the flags were already going up.

Including some on our street: everybody woke up one morning to find a little flag outside their house. It was a rather sweet marketing campaign by a local realtor. You know how I feel about their ridiculous ads - but I thought this was a cute idea.

Until the next day. When another realtor had come along and put their flags - twice the size - next to the original flag.

Way to advertise yourself as a big old douche bag, right? I know who I'd want to sell my home. The first one, the agent with the good idea.

However I suspect in a land where bigger is better, and no commercial opportunity goes unexploited, most people will go with the guy with the larger flags.


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  2. Well, here's the thing about the realtor flags. They're kind of an LA tradition. Not an original idea from the first realtor at all, though I think we do have to give her points for distributing genuine cloth flags, rather than the hideous plastic ones that usually appear, and came to us via realtor #2. So. What was that first realtor's name again?

  3. I didn't know that! Now I think the first realtor is a dope for not just going big (cloth or plastic, whichever) in the first place.