Thursday, May 8, 2014

The least efficient search engine in the world

The site 'Let Me Just Google That For You' might have been invented for mothers. Or at least, a special, weird subset of mothers who combine internet savvy with a startling lack of, well, internet awareness.

I'm signed up to a couple of local Mommy groups, which should be a useful forum for women to sell/ source old baby clobber, and share tips and recommendations on local resources. We joined it in the hopes of finding a nanny share. But it also appears to operate as a general search engine. n a typical example, here's a woman wondering what's going on in Palm Springs next weekend.

And this lady has used her Sprint smartphone to search for a baker who doesn't use food colouring. Only instead of searching in a browser and effectively asking the whole world, she's emailed a bunch of local mums.

Twitter can be almost as bad. How's about this for a random question to ask a random bunch of people? Hasn't she ever heard of John Lewis or Good Housekeeping?

Many women, on becoming a mother, give up their desk job - and the hours at a computer screen, and the work-funded smartphone that went along with the job. Many of us also find that time to mooch about on the interweb is in short supply.

So it's understandable if they get a little disconnected with the wonderful world of the world wide web. I could forgive them for using the Yellow Pages, or looking in the local newspaper for this sort of info. But if you're savvy enough to use Twitter, or the almost-impossible-to-pierce Yahoo! Groups, surely you'd have heard of Google, or Yelp?! And you can bet they're tech smart enough to upload a million pictures of their baby doing the usual baby things when the impulse strikes.

Anyway, anyway, that's my observation of the week. I've got to run. I'm going to message the Southbay Peachhead Moms to find out if anyone knows what's on telly tonight.

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