Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coming soon: Lady P's destiny

There's a buzz in the air at the Sugar Cube house. We're about to find out what Lady P will become! This weekend we're going to celebrate her first birthday in the Korean tradition.

I know, her first birthday was a couple of months ago, but we were kinda busy moving house that day. And I know, too, that she is only 25% Korean, but it just might be the 25% that makes the difference between a life of dazzling success and fabulous prosperity and something, well, more humdrum.

Allow me to explain about the Korean tradition. We'll put a number of items in front of Lady P for her to choose from. Whatever she chooses determines her fate. So, if she goes for the calculator, she'll become an accountant. If she chooses the fishing net, it's a life on the open seas for her. Only I think you don't put calculators and fishing nets out. Fortunately for Lady P, and for TLOML and I, his mother and aunt, repositories of all Korean traditions and knowledge, are in charge of what's on the plates.

I will keep you posted on what she chooses and therefore her path in life. So far she is showing a marked interest in paintbrushes (even when she is dressed for tennis), so I predict a creative choice.

This tradition also involves dressing Lady P up in an outrageously cute outfit, and eating a tonne of Korean food. What's not to like?


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    1. It really is! Makes for a fun celebration too. Well, the tradition of eating a lot of food helps with that of course.