Monday, May 5, 2014

Lady P chose.... drumroll...

I don't want to leave you in suspense for a moment longer about Lady P's destiny. The good news is, she chose well. She also chose quite greedily. That is to say, she basically chose everything.

The table is set with plates of fruit and rice cakes, symbolising plenty and purity and other good things. But the most important objects are those which symbolise her path in life: yarn, and noodles, for long life; books representing academic achievement and learning; brushes for a life of creativity and writing; and money, symbolising, well, money.

We took a few photos before our guests arrived and Lady P showed a marked interest in her bunny - which I would say represented 'play'. She also grabbed at the noodles, but we told her to wait and take her time to think about it till our guests arrived.
'I choose bunny! Bunny for ever!'
Half an hour later when we did the ceremony for real, she was so delighted to see our nanny on her day off, that she was more interested in walking over to her than at making life choices. So I'd say she was choosing 'love', at that point. Once drawn back to the table she went for the brushes, much to TLOML's disappointment, for who wants to have to support their daughter while she spends her life being a starving artist or writing her thesis? To her credit, once he thrust the dollar bills into her hands, she kept a tight grip on them. So we take that to mean that while she may not pursue wealth, she'll carefully retain what money she does have. Finally, the object which she went to last, but held onto the longest, was a book.
On reflection, you can't beat sitting down with a good book
As I said, she chose a bit of everything. Based on this exercise, I predict a long life, during which she will place friendship above everything, have a creative, learned life, and save her pennies. Let's hope so.

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