Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slow down, Lady P

TLOML and I are both fairly laidback, patient people. We take our time, and we take life as it comes. So it's rather strange to me that our offspring would be in such a hurry all the time.

Lady P hoodwinked me into providing her with solid food a good month before the health visitor said she ought to be ready. She has been rolling over clumsily for weeks now, and by week 18 had developed a smooth, efficient and frighteningly rapid back-to-front roll. According to the milestone charts that's pretty early.

Those same milestone charts suggest it's about now that Lady P will be able to bring her hands together - but she's been doing that for ages. And bat at objects, again, a skill she seemed to acquire early. And I know this sounds ridiculous for a baby who's not even five months old but I swear she's trying to crawl. Without success, of course, but still. She's an ambitious little girl, and apparently very eager to get moving.
Strong head control at 4 weeks
Athletic pursuits
Being proud parents we applaud her every time she sprints past one of these milestones. And we encourage her to do more and more. TLOML applies everything he learnt when training our obese cat - oh, and his years of serious swimming - in some pretty intense playmat sessions. We're egging her on in this race to get moving, start standing, crawling, walking and I guess ultimately rolling her eyes at our jokes, leaving home and paying for our nursing home bills.

Ooops. I got ahead of myself a bit there. It's hard not to when you have a child like speedy little Lady P. And as I said, we're proud of her physical prowess. But it does feel as if her babyhood is whizzing by. As much as I love her gurgles, chuckles and squeals, I am already nostalgic for that weedy, wailing newborn who could only mewl and sob.
I miss this little wild creature
Gosh. It sounds like I'm getting broody again. Which is bonkers considering we're only a few months into her life - and only a few weeks into a manageable sleep schedule. But yes, I want to do it all again. Only next time we'll take it slow. I'll baby the heck out of the second one, I promise myself.

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