Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Date night differences

Given my moaning about the Saltburn restaurant scene, what do TLOML and I do with all that freedom we bought ourselves?

Last weekend we drove to Whitby, 25 minutes away, for the kind of seafood we can't find in Saltburn. Whitby is a true fishing town, and a tourist destination too, with dozens of seafood places to prove it. We went to Greens, one of the better known restaurants. I will admit to being a bit disappointed that the menu was so heavy on predictable seafood staples: fish and chips, fish pie, crispy squid and of course, moules mariniere. But that's a bit churlish - like complaining that all you can get in Newport, ME, is clam chowder and cherry stones and oysters on the half shell. These seafaring, touristy towns know their audience and they cook the kind of food people travel there to eat.
A two-a-penny menu (but the food IS good)
We had a lovely dinner, started with a cocktail - I even wore a smear of lipstick, so you know it was a big night out. And enjoyed some excellent seafood. Squid, oysters, mariniere and turbot, since you ask.

Since dates outside of our house are still relatively rare, I'd like to say we rediscovered the art of flirting and romance, and talked like we haven't talked in months.

Instead we discussed the same topics that we chew over continuously, endlessly. There are two:
1. Transatlantica - we're always on about the differences between the US and the UK. Especially as the possibility of moving back is always out there.
2. Lady P - if we're not holding her, gazing at her or talking to her, we like to be looking at pictures of her and talking about her.

You'd think we'd get bored, wouldn't you? But there's always something new to say.

For example, on transatlantic differences. This usually involves TLOML pointing out how much more slick service is in the US - and me pointing out something thoughtful and brilliant about Britain. Green's offered me this brilliant piece of evidence.
 A small but functional finger bowl
In the US even if you order a messy lobster, in a posh restaurant, you are given poxy little lemon scented wipes. In all the many fine seafood restaurants (not to mention the not so fine) I ate in I never saw a finger bowl. They're missing a trick.

We also often cover the old 'everything in the UK is so small', as regular readers will know. Imagine my delight on finding a shellfish that proves this wrong!
One of the biggest oysters I've ever seen. Kumamoto this aint.
On Lady P, by contrast we had nothing new to say. She's still pretty amazing but I won't bore you with the details.

They say date nights are never the same again after a baby. I'd say ours bear a reassuringly strong resemblance to all the other date nights over the years.

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