Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day 2013

Belated Happy Fourth!

We decided not to let the fact we live in breezy North Yorkshire deter us from celebrating America's national day.

I made my personal tribute to freedom and independence by abandoning Lady P to the care of her father for the morning, so I could go to get my hair done. As a side note I put this in our collective diary as 'Artemis Yarm' (the name of the salon, and the town it is in). TLOML, not really knowing what it meant, thinks it would be an excellent name for our next child. No comment.

A thoughtful Lady P considers what Independence Day means

Anyway, in the evening we roped in some willing Saltburnsiders to celebrate all things American with us. Because my first couple of July 4ths were spent in California, I think this means margaritas, chips, salsa and guacamole. TLOML has pointed out to me that this is not a Mexican holiday. So to bring things back north of the Rio Grande TLOML made outstanding burgers and I baked a cherry pie. Another side note: never make a cherry pie in a town where cherry pie filling is not available. Stoning a pound and a half of cherries is no joke.
Forty minutes and about 25% of the way through the great cherry stoning of 2013

The weather was, unusually and fittingly, glorious. So much so that we were able to eat outside - a first for us in Saltburn and something which boosted our holiday spirits considerably. Plus made the little sparklers TLOML had bought rather safer to use.

Margaritas, sunshine, burgers and tiny fireworks - short of actually being the US I think we were about as American as we could be on July 4th.

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