Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No-one's going to give me 5 stars in TripAdvisor anymore

We try to be good hosts. When family and friends visit us for the first time, we like to show them the sights.

When we lived in Malibu we always took guests into Santa Monica, mooching around the canals in Venice, for a drive and a shop in Beverly Hills, a hike by the Hollywood sign, and so on. Now we're in the South Bay we can easily get into Downtown LA for cultural and culinary experiences, or drive down to Long Beach, or take a bike ride to the Marina.

But if you have such a good time that you decide to return, be warned. We may not go quite so far on your second visit. By the laws of diminishing returns and thanks to the lure of Hermosa Beach, returning guests are lucky if we even drive a couple of miles south to Redondo Pier. After all, we reason (/post-rationalise), there's nothing wrong with just hanging about in Hermosa Beach, enjoying the life of a Hermosa Local.

Our most recent guest, Lady P's godfather, was the perfect example. We only left Hermosa Beach once in ten days. For the rest of the time, we worked out together every day (very Hermosan), walked to downtown Hermosa for lunch, or drinks, and generally just enjoyed some quality time. As far as I'm concerned it's the perfect holiday. I hope he - and any future returning guests - agree.

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