Monday, January 11, 2016

January blues

Much to TLOML's dismay, I've been more than usually homesick this Christmas. I'm craving flavours you just can't get here, like blackcurrant and liquorice, treacle toffee and Betty's Fat Rascals. I'm hankering for leaden skies, dark afternoons in front of the fire, and crunchy frost underfoot. I miss the gurgle of a hot water filling radiators (our house is heated by soulless and noisy hot air). I'm more irked than ever by the inefficiencies of the health system here, and miss NHS waiting rooms and practitioners like you wouldn't believe. No, really. And - as ever - I'm yearning for some quality time with family and friends.

I don't know why I'm so much more maudlin about being far from home this year. It could be the dawning realization that this move is permanent. I know, you'd think the green card and home purchase would clued me in a little sooner. Reality is setting in.

Hermosa is trying to keep me happy though. We had three glorious days of grey skies and rain last week. I ran along the woodchip in the mizzle and for a moment could imagine I was running on the Heath or the Valley Gardens. And Lady P's godfather, one of my oldest and dearest friends, is coming to stay, bringing the promise of London gossip over G&Ts.

And yes, I know if we ever moved back I'd miss the almost constant sunshine, wonderful service, incredible quality of kale salads and avocado toast, and all the good friends we have here. I know. But I am still enjoying my maudlin mood, so please indulge me. I'll be back to posting about palm trees and flipflops in no time. And absolutely do not pity me: instead, pity TLOML who has to put up with this kind of talk almost constantly at the moment. I would go easier on him but I remember all the days he cursed English weather, service, and so on. I think I'm still owed a few more moans and grumbles yet...

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