Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Three years, but who's counting?

Clearly not us. We are barely keeping track at all. It wasn't until we received 'Happy Anniversary' messages from family and friends that we realized it was, indeed, our third wedding anniversary.

Three years in doesn't quite have the import of thirty, or even, say, ten. But it is worth marking. Or at least, for crying out loud, remembering.

In our defence there's a lot going on at the moment. Having spent much of June in the air, we are now firmly in a pre-move furniture frenzy. Selling pieces that are too small, buying more, bigger pieces, researching various Sonos set ups, scheduling and confirming decorator appointments - it's a busy old time. And that's just TLOML's task list. Me? I'm surfing designer discount sites for stuff we don't need, which, trust me, is just as time consuming and arguably far less rewarding.

So, yes, we have a lot on our collective plate. Still. It was kind of a shame that we both entirely forgot our anniversary.

We saved the day though. TLOML took my rings to the jewellers to be steam cleaned. I picked him a lemon off the tree as a symbol of the lemon tree I think we should buy ourselves for the new house (a belated, joint anniversary gift). And TLMOL pulled off last minute babysitting and a reservation at Steak and Whisky, Hermosa's nicest steak and whisky restaurant.

Phew. I think this marriage will survive at least another year: who knows, we might even plan to celebrate the next anniversary.

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