Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The wait is - almost - over

Fully six months since we viewed our new house and made an offer, and three months after we closed the sale, we are finally in.

Well, not quite. Our tenants have moved out and we have taken full possession of it. In theory we can go over there and run around the place any time we like, whooping with glee. But the flooring guys are in there sanding right now, making the running around and whooping a little tricky. And next week the painter will be in, touching up paintwork and crucially painting Lady P's bedroom door a jaunty colour.

For now, we are still, then, waiting. But at last the end is in sight. And there was a short window on Sunday afternoon, after the tenants left and before the decorating started during which we were able to run around and whoop with glee. In fact we rushed about measuring, and taping paint chips up, and saying 'can you believe it's finally ours?!'. And Lady P ran in and out of the small under-the-stairs cupboard in her bedroom absolutely beside herself that it was her very own cupboard. Then we celebrated with our friends, and champagne, before heading back to the Sugar Cube.
Lady P's happy dance
Just three weeks now till we can move in for real. Meanwhile there are sofas and beds to buy, and kitchen drawer pulls to select, and washing machine deliveries and cable switch-overs to co-ordinate.

We've gone through the moving process many times, but this is the first time we've been trying to buy bigger pieces of furniture, as opposed to smaller ones. And the first time we've looked for furniture with enduring appeal, rather than pieces that will make do till we move again.

Even the boring aspects of this move are thrilling, and the wait is almost more than I can stand.

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