Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Picking and choosing festive treats

There's plenty about an American Christmas that I like. Elf, for starters. Is it as popular in the UK? It really should be. And the bit where Santa arrives with a police and fire department escort. Also I like those cards Americans send, with updated family photos. Cheesy though they are. And I love the tune Away in a Manger is set to here (Mueller).

It's WAY better than the dreary British version (Spillman/ Kirkpatrick).
That sweet Mueller waltz is actually pretty catchy. Six days since our Christmas Eve visit to church and I'm still humming it.

But I have a couple of small niggles, I'm afraid. Primarily eggnog. I reject it in all its forms, low fat, lactose free, whatever. It sounds vile. Saying the word 'eggnog' is fun, but I imagine that's as good as the whole experience gets.

And the absence of Boxing Day. We actually viewed a house for sale on Boxing Day, and plenty of people went back to work. No regard at all was paid to the annual need for a day of rest, family walks, and thank you letter writing. I'll cling to that tradition no matter how long we are here, I think. Albeit with a little American eggy brunch thrown in.

If there's one thing to be said for being a transatlantic family, it's being able to choose which bits of home we take with us and which we discard. So you can keep your mawkish cradle song version of Away in a Manger, and I'll keep Boxing Day.

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