Thursday, December 11, 2014

Idyllwild, in pictures

I may have been a bit quick to say we won't go back to Idyllwild. In fact, apart from the absence of snow, it is a very lovely place.

Proper scenery, trees, mountains, etc
 There is a town monument involving a strange configuration of eagle, bear and mountain lion. And a very helpful sign.
Looking for the Idyllwild town monument?

Look no further. 
It's a town for outdoorsy types. The gun loving, horse riding, cowboy hat wearing kind.
Actual guns for sale just in a regular outdoorsy shop. Weird.
Niche market, no?

The quintessential rugged Western look, reinterpreted for today's hot blonde.
 Their town Christmas tree is the best I've ever seen. It is a real live tree, possibly even taller than the Norwegian Spruce in Trafalgar Square.
 And there's shopping for more than just guns, obscure cookbooks and dodgy denim. Unlikely though it may seem, we bought something at the Idyll-Beast Research Center Museum and Gift Shoppe.
All in all, it's a town with something for everyone. I think it's fair to say this won't be our last visit. We'll just leave the woolly hats at home next time.

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