Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hosts with the most

An influx of house guests has the Sugar Cube all abuzz and excited. Very dear friends for many many years (as in, we met in the '90s) have made the long trip to Hermosa Beach.

We are thrilled to have them here, and determined to show them a good time, so that they come back every year. Ideally, twice a year. Or better yet, move here. 

Highlights so far include 24 hours in Vegas during which TLOML used his many Vegas connections to secure us upgrades and VIP access. We consumed some face-sized steaks and gigantic poolside cocktails and agreed that Vegas is a little ridiculous. But fun.

Then back to earth and a more wholesome way of life in Hermosa. Some fine SoCal dining - kale caesar salads, panko-crusted fried avocado, ahi poke - and Old Fashioneds made with orange peel harvested from the Sugar Cube's backyard. And, to work off those excesses, plenty of bike rides along the beach.

We've also laid on pleasingly consistent sunshine, and just the right amount of swell for a beginner surfer.

If there's more we could do to sell this part of the world, I'd like to know. If they don't return within a year there's just no pleasing them.

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