Monday, June 16, 2014

On the move again

I have been winkled out of my hiding place, the lovely office in the back garden of the Sugar Cube. A client wants to see me in person. Damn it. This totally ruins my work-life balance: I have to get properly dressed for work and can't sneak off for a run or a nap or a potter in the garden in the middle of the day.

What's worse, the client is based in the Bay Area. So it means being away from home for a couple of short trips, this week and next. In the grand scheme of things it really isn't much to grumble about. I've worked at home every day for the past 12 weeks.

And yet, ouch! It hurts! I hated leaving this morning with barely a by-your-leave from Lady P. Today when I facetimed home she was a bit grumpy in that late afternoon way, and I wanted to be home to cuddle her so badly it turned my stomach. Luckily for Lady P (and for me) she has TLOML at home to provide all the comfort she needs. Still. Working away sucks and these two weeks are going to seriously drag.

The balance will be redressed pretty dramatically though. We are going back to England for a whole glorious month. Barring the odd babysitting session, and allowing her doting grandparents some exclusive quality time, we'll have Lady P with us 24-x7. She's really good company at the moment, full of chat - if repeating the same word at a crescendo can be considered chat - and giggles. So I'm holding fast to the treat that's instore - all that quality time, and with family and friends to catch up with too - during my enforced absence.

While we're in the UK, our nanny will be getting to know another family, who we're hoping to do a nanny share with. They will be dropping their baby off at the Sugar Cube two days a week, and she will only be 4 months old. It makes me realise, not for the first time, how lucky I am. When Lady P was that age I spent all day, every day with her.

Yes, we have had a jolly good run of quality time with Lady P, and barring the odd trip, there's no real end in sight yet. So I'll enjoy some trash TV and room service, sleep in as late as 7.30am, and be thankful that for the most part, I get to have my cake (quality time with Lady P) and eat it (that's where the salaried job comes in).

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