Thursday, June 12, 2014

June gloom

June is here. And therefore, so is June gloom.

Los Angelenos like the rest of the world to think we enjoy year-round sunshine. (Don't mention the rainy season.) But June really is quite gloomy. It's something to do with the marine layer, a blanket of sea mist which weather conditions hold, hugged close to the shore, throughout the summer. In Yorkshire, they'd call it a sea fret. But in Yorkshire, it wouldn't lift for days.

Here, it lifts every day, at some point. Here's how it works:
8am. I comment 'What a grey day'

10am. 'Is it lifting? I think it might be lifting.'

11am. Decide to hang the throw out to dry to reduce tumble-drying guilt

2pm. The throw is dry and I am applying SPF30 for my commute back to the house
June gloom is wonderfully predictable. The only variance is whether the marine layer lifts before lunch or after. Sometimes it doesn't lift till late afternoon - but there's always sunshine for a late afternoon stroll along the beach. It's guaranteed by Los Angeles county law, I think.

In England, there is a lot less certainty. Yes, summer is full of glorious, sunny days with bright blue skies and little fluffy clouds. Beautiful days that rival anything LA has to offer. But it just might rain at any time. Only a fool ventures out for the day without packing a brolly as well as their sunscreen. Of course, that's part of the reason those sunny days are such gems.

I'm feeling sentimental at the moment, and looking forward to our trip home to the land of 'mixed' weather. Something tells me the novelty will wear off just in time for me to return to Hermosa and enjoy the rest of summer full of boringly predictable, 70s-and-sunny afternoons.


  1. Oh that sounds like such a drag ;-) Your garden looks lovely. The gloom has been here for 3days this week even though it's been lovely and warm. Very muggy and like you said the random rain has made an appearance too. It's been sunglasses, sun cream, rain coat and brolly weather. Xx

  2. Thanks Franki! Yes, it's a burden but we are coping... Heading back to England at the weekend and hoping the English summer will make me proud & happy! x