Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My sister

My sister and her family are away enjoying the pistes of Courchevel this week, and I am bereft. I miss them!

I miss her boys rushing in to our house, loudly announcing 'it's only us', followed with shouted news along the lines of 'I've got a sticker!' or 'I saw a helicopter!'. I miss stopping by on my way home with Lady P to have a cuppa with her and her lovely husband, because I haven't seen them 'since yesterday'.

I miss her popping in to use our printer, or drop off some outgrown baby clothes, or me popping in to borrow a lemon. Sometimes twice in one evening. Often three or four evenings a week. She is the master of the 'I'm not stopping' chat.

I miss her texting me saying 'I've got the baby' half an hour before I'm due to collect Lady P, because when my sister picked her boys up from the childminder, Lady P 'insisted' on going with them. She loves a bit of Lady P baby talk as much as I love a bit of train talk with her boys.

I miss those days when we swap emails, see each other after work, chat on the phone after dinner, and then one of us still pops in to see the other on some errand or other. And TLOML says 'Your sister, again?!'. But he is only kidding, because he likes it too. And after all, she is my sister. In fact, I think she's my best friend too. Ah, I miss her when she's gone.

They're home on Saturday, so don't worry, I'll see them then. And a couple of times on Sunday, on Monday, and so on for the next week. But then we're off, to sunny LA, so very far away.

It's silly to mind this. After all, we were never going to live in Saltburn forever. I can't work from here, so living on the same street as my sister was always temporary. I couldn't have anticipated quite how very much I'd like it, though. Moving back to London was going to be hard enough. But moving to LA, a 10 hour flight and 8 hour time difference away - ouch! We'll get by with Skype and emails of course. But I'm already looking forward to our month back here in the summer and settling back into our high frequency, high contact ways.

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