Sunday, January 12, 2014

Logistics and lists

I've got so many lists I need a list of the lists. There's the list of utilities we need to cancel. A list of stuff we're going to courier out, as we can't live without it in the six weeks it will take our shipment to arrive, but we don't want to fly with (like some of Lady P's toys, or my work wardrobe). A list of stuff to sell or give away. A list of things to organise, like childcare and carpet cleaning, and shipping insurance. A list of things we need to borrow in the few days after our stuff gets shipped and before we leave.

So I could spend all day making these lists. Or, better yet, doing the things on these lists.

And yet, I find myself sorting out a massive box of 'spare' coathangers into piles: good ones, mediocre ones, poor ones. Or putting 'This Book Belongs To' stickers in all Lady P's nicest books. Or writing blog posts about how I'm writing lists and not doing the stuff on them.
Category C coathangers. Phew, glad I got them sorted

I think it's called procrastination.

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