Monday, October 28, 2013

A Truly Transatlantic Post

To make up for the my last, off-topic, post, here's one with a purely transatlantic theme. It's actually about the benefits of a transatlantic life - that is, living in the UK with an American husband.

There are many benefits of this life, but I'll keep it short and sweet by naming my top five.

1. Two Mother's Days. Personally I think every day should be a Mother's Day, replete with flowers and breakfast in bed. But I'll settle for two, which is 100% more than pure British mums get.

2. Being able to say 'gosh, that was cheap', after each Doctor's appointment or hospital visit.

3. Thanksgiving, UK style. Basically Christmas dinner, a month early, with candied yams instead of overcooked sprouts. Without having to spend the day watching NFL.

4. Access to massive bottles of Advil and discount single malt (thanks to TLOML's trips) without ever having to set foot in a horrible CVS or Duty Free.

5. Buying a six pack of of fun sized Maltesers and a single pumpkin and still being the most fun and Halloween-y house on the street.

The only fly in the ointment is that I now have to live with the knowledge that fridges can be sooooo much bigger.

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