Saturday, June 22, 2013

Balding baby

When I spotted the dark furry patch on the cot sheet at first I thought Jack, our enormous black cat, had been sleeping there. I was about to give him a good hiding. Okay, a brief 'tch'. Then I looked more closely. The hairs were not long, coarse, Jack hairs. They were short, and kinda fuzzy. Like baby hairs.

That's right, my little Lady P is losing her hair. And really quite dramatically. As in, a large patch of abandoned hair appears after every nap. I change the sheet as often for hairy reasons as for the little puddles of sick that appear.

I was so pleased she was born with hair. Babies with hair are just more attractive, frankly. (Note I say 'babies with hair', and not 'hairy babies', for they don't sound at all appealing.)  She looked so sweet and pretty with her soft dark hair.
Luxuriant with lovely fluffy hair at 3 days old

Now she's just starting to look a bit monk like. Or like a man who is beginning to bald and hasn't figured out his hair strategy yet.
Baby bald patch. 

Of course I know more hair will appear. But meanwhile, she's going to be wearing a lot of hats.

Meanwhile my hair looks like ass, due to the fact I've become one of those women who says they don't have time to go to the hairdresser. Unlike Lady P's hair loss, I think there's something I can do about that.

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