Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July, Fox Corner style

In my limited experience of July 4th parties, they mainly seem to involve drinking margaritas and eating burgers by a pool. People wear badges saying things like 'Kiss me, I'm American'. There are usually fireworks later. Simple, effective, fun.

Well, we're in Blighty this July 4th, and so are many of our close friends and family from the US. TLOML has invited the visiting Americans to celebrate Independence Day at Fox Corner with a message entitled 'Damn the English and their stupid taxes!'.

And I am welcoming them with open arms, strawberries, and a grey sky. This is how we celebrate the Fourth of July in NW3.


  1. Such a fun party!!!! What a wonderful trip I got to have this summer, all due to the 2 of you crazy kids. Elyse

  2. Sooo nice to have you two West Coast rascals over to party with x