Saturday, August 23, 2014

An orderly home

I love a system. A way of working, and a place to keep things. Preferably labelled.

We have a basket which gets taken to (containing snacks, for example) and from (perhaps with a printed out recipe in it) our home office each day.

My books are shelved chronologically (by author, and by their most significant works if they wrote for many decades).

And I file my underwear by colour.


I think Lady P has the same compulsion. She spends hours putting things in order, with a great sense of urgency and a very serious, determined expression on her face. As a result, I keep finding things out of their usual place. I guess according to Lady P's system, they are just where they ought to be.

The doll must be placed right in the middle of the door step.

All of these rocks - but absolutely no other rocks - need to be put in to the orange bucket.

The shampoo, of course, goes in the buggy.

Quite why she was rushing to the end of the garden with a bottle of vanilla extract I do not know.

But I'm sure she did. A place for everything and everything in its place.

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