Friday, March 21, 2014

Flying the flag

It's normal here to fly a flag outside your home. Most are stars and stripes, though you do also see the odd Californian bear or some university colours.

Many, if not most, houses are equipped with a flagpole or a flagpole stand. This house is one of the 30% of homes on our street with the Stars and Stripes proudly displayed outside.

The Sugar Cube has a little flag pole holder thingy by the front door too. I was mystified by it, but TLOML knew exactly what to do with it.

And this is what he did:

I must admit, I am slightly embarrassed. It's just not very, um, British, to fly a British flag. I mean, unless you're an England fan during the World Cup of course...
On balance, I think I'll let friendliness and warmth - if not actual national pride - win over and leave the flag up, to let the neighbours know there's a new family on the street, and we're a bit British. Also I like the way he sings God Save the Queen with Lady P each morning when he puts the flag up.

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