Sunday, September 8, 2013

Essential equipment for parenthood

People go a bit mad when they have a baby. It must be the sleep deprivation. Or all those hormones. Or perhaps just the sheer enormity of the task of parenting. It's understandable that one might go a little nutso.

So people become hygiene freaks. Or neurotics with video monitors and mattress sensors. They start thinking tiny socks are 'adorable' (as opposed to just a useful garment for a baby). I won't throw the first stone. I too have wept in BabyGap. And I check Lady P's still breathing at least once a night.

Still. I haven't gone so completely doolally that I think the 'Daddle' - aka Daddy Saddle - is a good idea. But someone must have done, because it is a real product that actually exists.

Nor do I think it's worth spending £30 on a bucket in which to bathe Lady P.
I think I'll skip the dummy which plays music and takes her temperature, too.

And the baby food organiser. Got shelves already, thanks.

It's like the stuff in Skymall. Only more ridiculous. And because its aimed at parents, probably way more successful. Ah, pity the parents, for our minds are so addled we may not make good consumer choices anymore.

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