Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lady P gets the best of both worlds

Yesterday we registered Lady P as a US citizen born abroad. This required us to go to the US Embassy, a cool 50s building in Mayfair with a golden eagle the size of a Hummer on the roof - and a virtual moat of security measures on the outside. They could probably dispense with the Stars and Stripes and the 'US Embassy' sign, to be honest. There's no mistaking which Embassy it is.

After a couple of hours of shuffling from one queue to another, Lady P was confirmed as an acceptable American. Her passport and social security number will be with us in a week or two.

I'm pleased for her. Having dual citizenship means she''ll never need to go through the visa shenanigans that TLOML and I have, whether she chooses to live here or in the States. Having a British passport allows her to hop around Europe always joining the short queue at the borders. And she can visit Cuba, unlike other Americans. Having two passports means she could also visit Israel without it preventing her visiting the rest of the Middle East, should she wish. They could also be useful if she wants to pursue a career as an international criminal. Like most parents, we want to enable her to do whatever she wants in life, so I'm glad we've opened up a few options for her.

Best of all, she can get in the short queue at both ends of a Transatlantic flight. I'm just wondering whether, as her parent, I can skip the 'foreigners' queue too.

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