Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Onwards and upwards

Well, I relented. I couldn't ignore my inner child any longer. Besides, in a few years we'll have a child - maybe more than one - who deserve parents who can put together a good, solid, family Christmas. And that surely must include a basic level of competence at gingerbread house construction?

So I made the gingerbread building materials and TLOML and I decorated it. Like the two overgrown children we are.
It's a distinct improvement on last year's effort.

Likewise, although Fox Corner has its shortcomings, it is an improvement on the Rabbit Hutch we were living in this time last year. For what we lack in doormen, we make up for in outside space, a guest bedroom, and room for a dining table.

In 2013 we will build a gingerbread mansion - perhaps even a castle. And who knows, we might even be living in one. (I'd settle for a little 3 bed house for what it's worth).

Onwards and upwards!

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