Friday, November 16, 2012

Silly things Americans say

TLOML and I went out a couple of weeks ago for a fancy dinner. (Once the baby comes we figure it's all about nights in with our slippers on eating Chicken Tonight in front of Strictly Come Dancing).

We had some stinky cheese, obvs, and it came with toasted bread....

Or 'toast points', as TLOML called them.

Just when I thought he had acclimatised. He's saying 'shop', and 'queue' and all that good stuff. And then he wheels out 'toast points'.
Pointing at toast does not make 'toast points' make any more sense
'Toast points' strikes me as one of the most ridiculous Americanisms of all. They're not even pointy!

Just sayin'...


  1. Toast points! Like Weightwatchers Points, only more fattening.

  2. In Weightwatchers more points are a bad thing, right? They've got that all wrong...