Thursday, June 14, 2012

When TLOML's away, me and my cat can play

TLOML went away for a week, to see his old clients and mates in California. In his absence, all manner of mischief took place.

We have a screen, which is designed to prevent Jack (the fat cat) from ever gaining unsupervised access to the living room.
 Under no circumstances must Jack be allowed free range in the same space as our nice new sofa and TLOML's prized club chair.
Except when TLOML is away, when I leave the screen open, and turn my back for a moment and.. oops...

...Jack rapidly became very comfortable making a nice black furry patch on our nice new sofa.

Well, that's all over now. TLOML is back, throwing around phrases like 'It's so cold here!', and 'I think I'm only going to get my hair cut in Vegas from now on'.

His return spells the end of dinners consisting solely of snacks and peas:

And an end to the wanton storage of eggs at room temperature (you know how Americans hate that):

The good news is that life is more fun when he is around, despite the constraints on cat/ egg freedom.

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